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Piecing Together the Password

You go to log into one of the million websites in which you need a password, and upon demand, you must contrive a password the is long as the Great Wall of China, as complex as Pan’s Labyrinth, as complicated as calculus, as unique as an individual’s voice. I had a entire notebook devoted to password records, but alas I misplaced it.  I would make a spreadsheet, but that is password protected.

A lesson in why password questions are unfair:

Parents wedding anniversary- doesn’t count

First job you were a manager- doesn’t count

A day that has special meaning- doesn’t count

City your father was born- doesn’t count

Best childhood friend- I have two

Favorite radio station- who listens to the radio?

Nickname of my Grandmother- you have got to be kidding

Favorite cuisine- all of them?

A relative’s telephone number- seriously?  that is a stretch.

Day your first child was born- …

Name of your first niece- Finally!  One down, two more to go until I unlock the hidden secrets of something entirely mundane.  Good to know that hacking into my interweb life that is full of meaningless details is harder than breaking into my house.