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Geometrical Patterns

Ok, ok so if art is breaking the rules, that means that you take something that you normally try to avoid and twist it around some so that the negative becomes something you embrace, transforming in the bad into the good.

Today’s topics: crystallization.    This is the reorganization/unstable transformation of the structure of a substance, normally making it an inferior/subpar quality.  Primary examples include: butter once it has melted, does not solidify the same, chocolate will bloom if it has not been properly melted down, ice cream will get gritty if ice crystals form from the latent water content.

Granite, or shaved ice, has been around for a long time.  This technique takes a solid frozen confection, then shaves the ice block to form a slushie.  This takes advantage of the ice crystals to create a both a liquid and a solid, both a wet and a textured product.

This method is a precursor to ice cream, a continually rotated while freezing invention, where the solidifying happens at such a small scale, that when initially frozen, this product is still a liquid (think soft serve ice cream)

What I need to focus on is the beauty of naturally occurring ice patterns.  These are highly visually appealing, perfectly symmetrical, yet all so unique.  Normally this is avoided, but what if I purposely form these as a decoration?





A White Thanksgiving?


I love the falling snow.  The flirtatious fluttering of giant, soft snowflakes topple downward, cartwheeling in the glee of being free from the heaviness of aquatic drops.  It is so pretty and peaceful.   The snowflakes lazily glide down without a care in the world, unaware of how its light weight can cause such a heavy burden.  You cannot capture the elusive snowflake, it vanishes upon touch.  It’s almost magical in its existence, this complex crystal of frozen water.  A frozen prism that sparkles rainbow confetti.  Each one is so intricate and so fragile, so blissfully inspiring in how such a small, delicate, almost invisible object cause can such dismay, foul language, full hearted grunts, such a scurry in the step, can change the mood of an entire city.  In a snowflake’s moment, the whimsical crystal can dispatch an entire fleet of large trucks with shovels so giant that you question the laws of gravity.   It certainly is motivating, these tiny lightweight miracles, that collectively can impact the world so ostentatiously.