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Honestly the worst thing about marriage and the American love story is that the dude always purposes. He has to.  The women never presents the diamond ring.  Or what, she purposes with a $20 silver fake band and then hopes to get a diamond that costs her boyfriend a year’s salary.  So romantic.  God I would pay to see men in their kept diamond rings that display the paid love, the opposite of dowry.  I want to see powerful women with only the imprint of the quickly discarded ring as they relax after work, sipping on cocktails and flirting with the waitress.

Intrinsically unfair, I only date poor guys.


Diamond Engagements or Unnecessary Expections

The social pressure to get married is putting too much stress on relationships.  Couples are trying too hard to fulfill this romantic gesture then they are putting into having a meaningful bond with someone.  We are too caught up with getting to home base that we are not appreciating the journey.  We are losing sight of reality with this pressure to wear a fluffy dress, have a diamond adorn the finger, have a million pictures honoring your special love.  True love is amazing, but so is your connection to another person.  True love is amazing but we need to be reminded that is very special and extremely hard to find.  You cannot have it both ways.  You cannot have a super special type of love that everyone shares.  Yes you can hope for this, but is should not be deemed as inevitable, as something that will definitely happen to you.  I am not saying that we should not have marriage, I think that people should maker it less of a life goal.  Oh, poor soul, she never married, they say. Fuck that, lucky that she never settled. I will search for true love until my last breath, I will love many people along the way, I will enjoy the lovers that happen into my bed and into my heart.  I will embrace that which I learn from my partners, I will be happy with sharing their point of view, with experiencing the feelings of companionship.  Do I need a diamond to make a million dollar smile on my face?  To feel fulfilled with my life?  To validate myself as a successful member of society?

Diamond Eyes and the Expressive Hands

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  A diamond lens, eyes are each beautiful, mysterious, captivating, and lustrous. The world around is perceived and filtered through this kaleidoscope pattern, giving each person a unique point of view, interpretation of the situation, a foundation on which to form theories.

I, however, leave the sentimentality of the ascetic of the eye at a gesture.  The lens of the eye acts as a concept, it filters the world, it’s a perception.  It’s a very romantic implication, a poetic deduction of the individuality and beauty of that aperture to one’s mind.  The beauty of the eye is too abstract to be the window to the soul.  Soul is found in physical expression and how we impact our surrounding reality.  Its more tangible then that special sparkle in one’s eye.

I think that the hands are the window to the soul.  Everything that I think, all my ideas, intentions, inspirations, and influences are expressed through my hands.  The eyes can only look.  They are merely a lens.  Hands, however, turn the abstract into the physical, they turn thoughts into creations, they turn ideas into a usable product.  My hand create food, my hands create writing, my hands create art, my hands create love.

Your hands can change the world, and your diamond eyes can inspire it.