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Growing Young

Nobody questions the importance of embracing the imagination of children, promoting their fictitious games, bringing out the silliness in their perception, playing make believe and dress up, reading stories filled with cartoon characters, coloring outside the lines with mismatched colors.  Somewhere, though, when that innocence of childhood is shrugged off, when you learn that life is serious and not a fairytale daydream, when you realize that life hurts, that pain can last, that disappointment is a daily task, we lose the grip of the whimsical, we forgot about imagination, we don’t believe in magic anymore.  Maturing and dealing with this circus named reality is very important in not collapsing under the stress, in not giving into defeat.  We need this foundation to function, but this is the base layer.

After you grow up, you have to grow back down.  You have to grow back into imagination, into not taking everything at face value, at challenging the world around in a creative way, to bring art into every corner.   Not just because it is fun, but because it is inspiring.  If you cannot imagine it, that something will never happen.  Not all dreams come true, but they certainly will not materialize unless you have the mind power to form them.  Playing, drawing, giggling, creating your own fairytale is important.  Don’t let bills and heartbreak scare you away from the whimsical, don’t let the cold world freeze your playful thoughts, don’t let the negative weight of psychology dampen that free spirit.  It’s in there, so let your imagination spring, let your daydreams wander, let your doodles fill up blank pages of computer paper.

Avoiding Adulthood

I am not good at being an adult at times.  I am very hesitant to change.  But now it is about time that I grew up.  It is about time that I face the music, the facts, and the reality.  I have some nice tools and small modern technological devices, this combined with my minimalistic attitude, I have a hard time splurging on more material and disposable things.  I don’t want more anything.  My life is complicated enough thanks I don’t need anything else to worry about.

But alas, it is time to grow up.  I am going to buy myself a real phone, a new phone, a smart thing.

Me and my magnetic fingers are concerned.

Wish us all luck.