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A Point of Hope

The city in the clouds, the city in the shadow of the stars.

Kissing the clouds not with the sky scrapers ambition, but with the bust of the mountains pride.  This city does not need a white façade to provide the enchantment of magic, it does not need a magician to orchestrate the cohesion of nature in this urban environment.

Cape Town is the yearning to kiss the cloud line, trying to match the ambition of the sky scrapers modernity.  Yet, still, this 400 years of industrial motivation cannot compete with the dominion of the natural stature.

The collective magic gathers around the peaks like a forming storm.  I just hope the storm clouds do not continue to darken, I hope that it doesn’t form a tremendous downpour that washes away all potential of this blooming new culture.

The When for the Why

Words and wishful thinking work when worry wears you weak.

Without wisdom the war against the waiting whittles you wicked.

Don’t weigh on the wane, waltz into wax wildly without weight.

Wonder the want, wail to win.

Wallow in warmth, wrestle worry into whispers, whoop your wishes when the why wails.