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Make-Up Day

Happy extra calendar day people.

It’s a leap day, so that means a freebie day that occurs once every 4 years.  What are you going to do with the extra credit day?

Last night I dreamt that I could travel in time, to another planetary system in another dimension.  I mean the travel wasn’t easy, just because it was fictionalized, getting away from point A to a make-believe point B involved a complex computer program, a controller to set the direction, map the course, arrange the code, and a tablet sized computer that served as the travel app.  As the passenger and the director of destination, I had to request the coordinates to a 3rd party person who plotted the orientation of the desired time and place.

You couldn’t travel through time like go back in the past and change history, instead you could travel to a parallel dimension, a new temporal and physical location where a foreign reality was taking place.  It’s not like you program the time machine to travel back to 1952 on a Thursday at 10:30 am, creating a situation where you can change the present future.  In this nocturnal and delusional system you enter a separate worm hole and you never know what is going to be existing in the randomized yet specified dimensional time field imputed with the travel request.

Today is the closest access we have to an imaginary realm, day that shouldn’t exist, one that is an organized freak occurrence every 1461 days.

Hope you made the most out of your brush with a transcendental comprehension of a multi-dimensional temporal voodoo.


The Percentage of Perchance

“To sleep, perchance to dream- Ay, there’s the rub,

For in this sleep of death what dreams may come.” – Bill Shakespeare

I love sleeping because my dreaming life tends to be better then my waking life.  My dreams are so imaginative, full of adventure, abound with mystery, whimsical, and interesting.  Literally anything can happen, that is usually what does happen, anything.  If I could remember my dreams more clearly and precisely, I could quit cooking and become a famous screenwriter.

The problem is, my dreams leave more of a feeling rather than a series of events.  This eerie feeling can penetrate my entire day, leaving me with a strange sense of something being off, slightly skewed, not balanced.  The feeling from the land of dreams crosses over into my real life, impacting me subtly.

Together these elements of action, strong story arc, and a lasting impression are the components to making a story spectacular, but like I said, the details drift away as soon as I come into consciousness.  The more awake I become, the farther away the dream travels. If only I could write in a state of semi consciousness.  But using you brain and thinking concretely draws you out of that imaginary playground, that space where the mind wanders uncontrolled and unabatedly.

I am not fascinated with the overall meaning of these strange and fairy tale like adventures, that is an entirely different cup of tea, one which does not fall under the realm of Marigold’s specialty.   Dreams occur during REM sleep, a time when the brain is as active as it is while being awake.  Is this why I wake up so tired every morning?  Because my brain refuses to sleep like the rest of my body?  You know how you are supposed to sleep on a decision?  Well I wake up more confused, with too many ideas, too many solutions to a singular problem.

Growing Young

Nobody questions the importance of embracing the imagination of children, promoting their fictitious games, bringing out the silliness in their perception, playing make believe and dress up, reading stories filled with cartoon characters, coloring outside the lines with mismatched colors.  Somewhere, though, when that innocence of childhood is shrugged off, when you learn that life is serious and not a fairytale daydream, when you realize that life hurts, that pain can last, that disappointment is a daily task, we lose the grip of the whimsical, we forgot about imagination, we don’t believe in magic anymore.  Maturing and dealing with this circus named reality is very important in not collapsing under the stress, in not giving into defeat.  We need this foundation to function, but this is the base layer.

After you grow up, you have to grow back down.  You have to grow back into imagination, into not taking everything at face value, at challenging the world around in a creative way, to bring art into every corner.   Not just because it is fun, but because it is inspiring.  If you cannot imagine it, that something will never happen.  Not all dreams come true, but they certainly will not materialize unless you have the mind power to form them.  Playing, drawing, giggling, creating your own fairytale is important.  Don’t let bills and heartbreak scare you away from the whimsical, don’t let the cold world freeze your playful thoughts, don’t let the negative weight of psychology dampen that free spirit.  It’s in there, so let your imagination spring, let your daydreams wander, let your doodles fill up blank pages of computer paper.