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Why Eating In America Sucks #6

I see people eat Cheetos for breakfast on a regular basis.

A bag of cheese flavored fried corn puff things that are neon orange color, that come in a plastic bag with a cartoon of an outlandish cartoon cheetah on the front.

How did this become a thing?  Why?  What lead to this circumstance? Where did the motivation develop to reach for a bag of nutritionally void junk food as your first source of energy for the day?  You realize that you just brushed your teeth, right?  What have we been teaching our children?

The Reality of Choice

Most of the time I know when I am dreaming because in the dream I think to myself “I would never choose this.”  I realize that the situation or circumstances would not ever happen in reality because have already decided to do or not to do something.  Your life is a choice, your dreams are not.