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Food Writing Upgrade

Not to focus the full fury of Marigold’s spite directly at one particular website, but the thesis of this particular argument is one that supports a more diverse amount of websites to deal with said issue.  There really is only one in which to point the digital finger, and that lucky contestant is Yelp.

Restaurants hate Yelp because it is the opinion of the ignorant masses.  The public also is over Yelp because it does not offer well balanced advice.   Yet consumers continue to use the website because they don’t know where else to go for a quick and informed decision on where to eat dinner, lunch, a quick snack, who offers breakfast.  There are so many restaurants in the big city, and so many contingents to evaluate.  Hungry people pour over stranger’s opinions and place their fate in what to order based on this amateur information.

The fact that Yelp is so popular and so mediocre goes to show that we need to have more food writers, more restaurant critics, and more websites that can digest this giant culinary scene for the hungry and rushed masses.  There needs to be more information offered up in the reviews, such as where is good for a group, where is good for a casual encounter, where is good for a quiet date, where is good for music, where is good to dine alone.  What places focus on healthy food, what places have small portions or large plates.  Where should you take your mom?  All of these fields of inquiry are important, but instead of having an informative amount of information provided, we get endless pictures of food and chef gossip.

We need more food professionals, more writers for digestion.

Wednesday Rant

God love advertising.  I love that the personalize ads that show up on every website you visit is geared towards either food or sex. How come colored pencil ads never pop up?  Where is the art?  If the Oracle knows everything about my life, how come it doesn’t try to appeal to Marigold?  I spend way more time on marigold than underwear.

What’s up, google, you creep?

Get a better clue.

-Mari Mari

Matrix meets Dr. Who

ARE YOU AFRIAD THAT GOOGLE IS GOING TO START TO READ YOUR MIND?  Ads already filter your thoughts by deducing what you want based on purchases and websites you visit… what happens when google/oracle skips the search field step and does it for you?  By thinking about what to ask the oracle, the search engine complies and compiles a list of everything you might need to know about said pondered topic.

Sound so convenient and practical and like something I would use, but like creepy.


I am a little scared.

Do you think that you can impose a restraining order against google?

Food for thought?