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Insomia Inspirations

The cicadas are singing although the summer’s sizzle remains silent.

The wind’s whistle has wound down to whispers of forgotten wonders.

The clamorous children have chilled down to cool calm, keeping clandestine clues of their company.

The people parade past peacefully, particularly predisposed to participating in practical partying.

Sleep should be sound, but my psyche is still spinning swiftly, severely sidetracked from the summertime slumber.

Voice as Self Expression

The music is your pronunciation, sometimes you don’t even have to sing to sound like a dream.

The way you simply say the words can have an effect on my feelings, even when your choice of words are nothing out of the ordinary.  It is just a sentence, but you make it sound so different with your inflection.

A distinctively musical voice can have such an a diverse effect on me, the song in a simple non-sentimental  sentence can flash my heart Valentine with pink and red string lights, or my flesh sizzles like a bacon in its own grease.  It can cold my toes like waiting for the forever bus in a Chicago blizzard, it can pinch my skin like my over zealous grandma on Sunday afternoon.

Blind Discovery

Our intrepid traveler is combing the dark path with wide-spread fingers.  Eager palms are curiously searching for a grasp.  The outstretched hands are jazz with excitement, electric with hope of discovery.

Our nervous explorer boldly rips the sheer fabric of the laced cobweb, exposing the bright twinkle of the warm stars.  The sticky cobwebs are sewn in between the animated fingers, down around the wrist. This burdensome situation does not affect the opal view of the silky milky way, and the blinking binary blanket above.