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Musical Shoes

A black suit with a black bowler hat to match, the hat covered brim to brim with black sequence, sunglasses as black as the suit.  The man could be blind behind there, behind those dark as night shades, it wouldn’t make any difference in the dimly light underground subway.  Crisp white gloves on each hand, black tap shoes on each foot, coupled together with a red bow tie over a white button down shirt.

With a beat in his legs to match the tap in his foot, he searches through his flip book cd collection, searching for the song in his bones.  He creates a mood with his energy as much as he does with his percussion step. His style is sleek, his dress is subtly costumed, his demeanor that of the born dancer.  He chooses an old jazz song to start, tapping on top of the melody, hands jazzed to accompany the horns, he spins with spirit, glides with an effortless slide. This guy gives the cha-cha an easy-going jive, he twirls arms wide, with a smile of childish glee hidden behind the dark black suit.

He seem to do it out of enjoyment, not for the tips, although the box is clearly marked and never empty.

A one man act, he steal the attention of the traveling masses, stops that hustle of the day, casts a performer’s spell on the rushed crowd with his musical shoes.



Obtuse Stance

Man spread.  Why do you need to take up three seats on the train with your wide angle leg posture?  You cannot point your knees forward like a civilized human, you have to point them in an obtuse angle, creating a triangle of empty space in between your legs.  I don’t want to squish my lady bits either but I still have the decency to cross my legs so that others can sit down.  Not only is this extremely rude, I don’t want to see the innards of your crotch.  Have some respect for the ladies.  Most all men do this, but how many ladies do you see spreading their legs wide taking up half of the train?  Are you doing this promote your masculinity?  Are you that insecure that you have to act like you have basketballs for balls?  I simply do not understand where this obscene common behavior is stemming from.  I know men can cross there legs and I know that is has nothing to do with having outdoor plumbing.  In fact, when I see man spreading out like butter on a hot day, I assume that he is overcompensating for something.  Oh its more comfortable to sit like that?  Well yeah I know but you are on public transportation.  I want to lie down and stick my hands down my pants but you know what? I don’t.  Because I have manners.

Eulogy for the Working Man

Everyone is dressed so seriously in their dark navy pants, black jackets, brown boots, gray hoodies, houndstooth hats, herringbone trousers, mahogany leather purses, chestnut gloves, maroon socks. The rush hour traffic is dressed subdued, ready for a funeral procession, solemn as a depressed preacher, lonely as a poet, dismal as a rainy autumn day.  I feel adequately prepared for the day in my purple pants, bright legs ready for the dance of another day, ready to jig for another hustle . In this parade of sad clowns, I am the outlier.