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The Percentage of Perchance

“To sleep, perchance to dream- Ay, there’s the rub,

For in this sleep of death what dreams may come.” – Bill Shakespeare

I love sleeping because my dreaming life tends to be better then my waking life.  My dreams are so imaginative, full of adventure, abound with mystery, whimsical, and interesting.  Literally anything can happen, that is usually what does happen, anything.  If I could remember my dreams more clearly and precisely, I could quit cooking and become a famous screenwriter.

The problem is, my dreams leave more of a feeling rather than a series of events.  This eerie feeling can penetrate my entire day, leaving me with a strange sense of something being off, slightly skewed, not balanced.  The feeling from the land of dreams crosses over into my real life, impacting me subtly.

Together these elements of action, strong story arc, and a lasting impression are the components to making a story spectacular, but like I said, the details drift away as soon as I come into consciousness.  The more awake I become, the farther away the dream travels. If only I could write in a state of semi consciousness.  But using you brain and thinking concretely draws you out of that imaginary playground, that space where the mind wanders uncontrolled and unabatedly.

I am not fascinated with the overall meaning of these strange and fairy tale like adventures, that is an entirely different cup of tea, one which does not fall under the realm of Marigold’s specialty.   Dreams occur during REM sleep, a time when the brain is as active as it is while being awake.  Is this why I wake up so tired every morning?  Because my brain refuses to sleep like the rest of my body?  You know how you are supposed to sleep on a decision?  Well I wake up more confused, with too many ideas, too many solutions to a singular problem.


Grandma Still Knows Best

Sometimes new inventions humor me, because I am like duh.  There’s this new thing about weighted blankets, and how studies show that this helps reduce stress because it is like being swaddled as an infant.

Did we really need a scientific study and a corresponding article to spell this out?  Plus why is this a new revelation?  Of course a heavy blanket makes you feel like you are being hugged tightly throughout the long, cold, and solitary night.  Its called an afghan, like your grandma used to knit, that is heavy and wraps you in ever present tight arms, smells like comfort, feels as soft as your favorite sweater.

Maybe this is new news because of the raising popularity of down comforters, fluffy as a cloud, warm as  an insulated igloo, as light as the dawn’s first rays.  It’s a great invention, but if you want to be held all night long like a child in a rocking chair, give gram’s a call.

Sometimes innovation is great, sometimes new innovation is repetitive.

Sleep good everyone, whether it is under a cloud of hot air, a family heirloom, or newly invented weighted blanket.