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Obtuse Stance

Man spread.  Why do you need to take up three seats on the train with your wide angle leg posture?  You cannot point your knees forward like a civilized human, you have to point them in an obtuse angle, creating a triangle of empty space in between your legs.  I don’t want to squish my lady bits either but I still have the decency to cross my legs so that others can sit down.  Not only is this extremely rude, I don’t want to see the innards of your crotch.  Have some respect for the ladies.  Most all men do this, but how many ladies do you see spreading their legs wide taking up half of the train?  Are you doing this promote your masculinity?  Are you that insecure that you have to act like you have basketballs for balls?  I simply do not understand where this obscene common behavior is stemming from.  I know men can cross there legs and I know that is has nothing to do with having outdoor plumbing.  In fact, when I see man spreading out like butter on a hot day, I assume that he is overcompensating for something.  Oh its more comfortable to sit like that?  Well yeah I know but you are on public transportation.  I want to lie down and stick my hands down my pants but you know what? I don’t.  Because I have manners.


The Magnetic Eye

It is as if eyes want to meet you in the street.  Eyes know when another set of eyes are pondering upon them.  It is not a thought process, it is a feeling, a burning intuition that every person has. It’s not a girl thing, or a cultural thing, it’s a human thing.  It is a chemistry thing.  This pull has nothing to do with the thought process, it is a strong innate reaction.

Have you ever tried staring at a person and have them not look up immediately?  Unless they are very focused, in which it might take a full minute for them to realize, normally you are not even trying to look at a person before their lids up open and those irises are pointed directly into yours.

For example, you are on the train and you are trying to glance out the window, but you happen to notice anything, just anything, about the line of people directly across from you.  Just about every damn time, they look back at you for that one instance.  They know that you are not looking at them in particular, but if the gaze goes in that direction, the other set of eye balls answer right back.

There are magnets in the irises, a deep gravity in that mysterious white background of the diamond iris lens that pulls other eye balls into your depth of vision.