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Religion According to Marigold

God exists to deal with emotion.  This is why animals do not have religion. That is why we eat meat and have house pets.  Animals have feelings not emotions.  Why then is it so socially frowned upon to be emotional?  It is deemed to be weak, a feminine trait (God is definitely a man, always portrayed as a male, full of strength, fury, and testosterone). Emotion is seen as a vulnerability, yet we have created an entire social system, one that essentially rules the world, has given people the confidence to conquer the world, in order to deal with sadness, anger, and loss.  God is there to answer the omnipresent question of why are we here and why do why have to deal with pain?  God is to guide through hard times and to celebrate in good times, to keep our emotions balanced, to help us understand the instinctual world, to define feeling, to explain intuition, to deal with the effect of the cause.

There is science to explain emotion, God to understand it.  Those people who are considered emotional should be seen as people strong enough to digest this great mystery, to give voice to what is hidden behind our eyes, to unravel the mystery of butterflies in the stomach, to take the concrete weights off a broken heart.  Emotion is the driving forces behind all our motives; emotion is strength; emotion is a virtue.