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Make-Up Day

Happy extra calendar day people.

It’s a leap day, so that means a freebie day that occurs once every 4 years.  What are you going to do with the extra credit day?

Last night I dreamt that I could travel in time, to another planetary system in another dimension.  I mean the travel wasn’t easy, just because it was fictionalized, getting away from point A to a make-believe point B involved a complex computer program, a controller to set the direction, map the course, arrange the code, and a tablet sized computer that served as the travel app.  As the passenger and the director of destination, I had to request the coordinates to a 3rd party person who plotted the orientation of the desired time and place.

You couldn’t travel through time like go back in the past and change history, instead you could travel to a parallel dimension, a new temporal and physical location where a foreign reality was taking place.  It’s not like you program the time machine to travel back to 1952 on a Thursday at 10:30 am, creating a situation where you can change the present future.  In this nocturnal and delusional system you enter a separate worm hole and you never know what is going to be existing in the randomized yet specified dimensional time field imputed with the travel request.

Today is the closest access we have to an imaginary realm, day that shouldn’t exist, one that is an organized freak occurrence every 1461 days.

Hope you made the most out of your brush with a transcendental comprehension of a multi-dimensional temporal voodoo.


Back to the Future Post


I had a post for this day, but apparently the post had gotten deleted by my future self.  I cannot recollect what the contents were, but certainly it was of too extreme importance or too profound to exist in 2015.  It had to be deleted before it saw the light of day, it had to be erased before it was unleashed upon the world at large.  I am sure that the mission to return to this present day was complicated, expensive, and highly secretive.  “Back to the Future,” that awesome movie made in the hey day of my childhood, picked this auspicious day for special reason, but that true explanation I don’t think we will ever know.  There is something mysterious about the 21st of October, 2015.

Apparently Marigold can predict the future, let’s hope she does something spectacular with her vision.  At the very least, we have definite proof of time travel.