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Microscopic Starts

The tiniest empire has been planted.  The seeds of a new regime have been sowed in lush soil, the dried out dreams have been given a new hope with a soft touch of water, the legacy of generations lives on again in a new home- a temporary home until summer is here to stay.  The babies will be coddled in the warmth of the house, to grow strong under strict supervision, until it is time to be transplanted into the great outdoors- to battle wind, rats, children, cats, at times dogs and draught, all the perils of the small life.  Soon though, after sun and water, this tiny empire will feed a household and its lucky guests, it will be the star of many dinner parties, its life will give nutrition and satisfaction to many.  For now, I am proud and excited for the tiniest empire to take root and seek out the sun.


The magical Garden

The banana peppers are hanging out like two chartreuse hammocks.  Lazily they sway in the wind, unaware of the battle cries of the cicadas raging on all around.

The collard greens are building a metropolis with their towering height and visual domination.  Collards always seemed so calm to me, but they certainly are focused on supremacy and upward mobility.

The kale is crazy with curls, filling in vacant spaces between the monstrous collard greens, mimicking a city block.

The squash vines are threating to lace over even the neighbors yard, to twine each living thing together like a raft lost on the oceans waves.

The ruby red gems of the tomato plants are quickly stolen by the garden robbers, with traces of their juicy insides strewn about the yard.  Red pieces of dead soldiers dot the green grass.

The herbs are like a buzz cut covering their wooden container beds.