Tag: Urban gardening

Gifts from the Garden


Late ripening heirloom tomatoes are the trend in the 7th inning stretch in the Chicago summer.  The secrets of their jeweled inside hang seductively like hidden chandeliers.

We are uncertain if the good times are over, or if the weather might swing back into a good mood before the long hibernation ahead.


The Garden’s Song


I am sorry, but I cannot hear you over the siren of the cicadas.  It’s like a beat getting funky in your head phones, the right side on, then the left.  Not at the same time, usually, both sides, but they respond to each other’s echo, playing a game with their percussion melody.  The loud siren fades out, only to come back stronger again.  The symphony of their song overtakes the neighborhood, leaving a dent of solitude when they lull into silence.