Behind in the times

I am consistently and always at least a decade behind the trend of the week/ constantly catching up with the quick technological changes of the world.  Often I feel like I am constantly playing catch up with society, finally understanding what people are talking about like 12 years later. What is so great about my hesitancy to keep up with what the kids are doing, that sometimes I win the lottery.  I completely miss a trend, therefore not having to invest the time, energy, cool crystal, or deal with the physical matter of said trend.  Case in point: DVDS!!  I have successfully gone through life owning only 5 dvd movies.  I regret nothing about this lack of enthusiasm over a hobby/entertainment/creative outlet.  I am cleaning the studio, and I discovered my pitiful selection of dvds and this makes me so happy.  I wasted zero time, money, cool energy, diminished my plastic footprint in the garbage cans, and saved shelf space on the bookcase by not stacking this library and that is a life win.  Who cares about dvds? NOBODY.  And nobody ever will again.  Until the internet runs dry, perhaps, but my new sexy computer doesn’t even have a disk drive.  Cya cool rainbow reflective disc, never again.  Very sure that I can’t even give away my entire 5 disc dvd collection at the garage sale.


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