Adjective Addict

I love adjectives, too much.  Somebody stop me.  Seriously.  I have a problem with over description.  I describe the descriptors more than I describe the narration of the story.  It is a corn maze of details that easily lead the reader away from the main point, and into a labyrinth of imagery.

Is it getting in the way too much?  All this cluster fuck of descriptions?  Is my meaning getting lost in my choked up amount of modifiers, prepositions, determiners, qualifiers, parenthesis?  Too many attributive, predicative, and nominal examples of adjective use in my stories? Is it like that thrift store on half off day?  It is too much to handle?

I can’t help it, my adjective addition problem.  I love trivial details…. I love trivial details on people’s lives.  Tell me a story.  A story about nothing. Or that is about something.  It’s not mundane, by any means. It is the description. It is  what happened.  It is an entertaining list of adjectives and I want to hear it.


One thought on “Adjective Addict

  1. Sometimes we just love “too much.” It doesn’t mean your love is whack, it just means you have an overabundance. Your love of adjectives, when used in concert, in balance, in rhythm with your thoughts and message (evidenced in several of your posts), is marvelous. When they run a bit rampant, you just need to invoke that editorial pen.


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