Self Portrait

I am starting to think of myself as an artist, instead of a worker bee.  I am a good worker bee, I buzz around merrily keeping the honey pot nearly filled with sweet nectar.  The hexagonal home is beautiful in its repation and oh so practical… you see why its appealing.

I am starting to reconsider that the appreciation for beauty does not stop there.  I want to create it.  I want to be more then simply a part of it.  I want to create a beautiful concept and decorated it, let it step out so that its concrete beauty can inspire people.

Maybe I am an artist?  What does that even mean?  Does that even matter? No.  It doesn’t.  I am skipping with Marigold’s steps, relaxing with Marinara.  I am following my creative fingertips, hoping that I will find some magic.

Wish Us Luck!

-Marigold, Marinara, Mari Mari


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