Vision and Dependence

I loose like everything.  I am a loser, certainly.  The first thing to do, is to look for said lost item.  You use your set of sparkling irises to look, scanning every room, trying to locate your lost set of keys or the misplaced cellular phone.  Remember when the phone used to be connected to the wall, and losing your phone was not an issue?  I bet if you asked people nowadays, they would say that losing or breaking their phone is high on the stress list.

When you can’t find the lost item with you eyes, the next step is more cognitive.  You retrace your movements, remember your motions, and deduce the most logical spot where you placed the item.  If these two methods fail, you are screwed.  There is no back-up plan, there is no gravity in your fingertips that will attract the lost thing to you.  Finding something lost is nothing about a feeling, or desire, its all about the eyes.

If you can’t see it, its gone.  Just like that.  We rely so heavily on this visual tool, its amazing that more things do not get lost.  I wish we had a back-up plan for physical organization that transcends this one way of solving the riddle.

Don’t tell me to get a key hook, that does not work.  Organizing is very important, but sometimes the system fails.  And when it does, you wish that phones were still connected to the wall, the front door key is under the welcome mat. Because this is your only salvation, we have not evolved to have another plan for finding lost items which cannot speak for themselves.  I bet Google will figure this out for us…?  He is a creep like that and cannot wait to read your mind.


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