Technology & Me

I am caught at a strange spot in the development of technology and its use in everyday life.  See, I feel extremely blessed that I am living in a time where there is digital photography and the internet.  Bus tracker, train tracker, online shopping, online appointments, a dictionary at my fingertips, a map that will talk you through directions.  All of these things are nothing less than magical.

I remember when the internet was invented, how cool is that?

Well it’s not really that cool.  See the thing is, when I was in high school, we did not even have computers outside of computer class.  We were supposed to get new computers in the library, but the school had to put in video surveillance instead because they couldn’t figure out who kept pulling the fire alarms everyday.

I used computers in college, and now I own a tablet.  That is about the full extent of my technological knowledge.

Computers and exploiting their use is important not just in everyday life, but integral in the professional setting.  They are everywhere, and I know that my life could be greatly improved if I knew how to use common, everyday tools that children are learning in elementary school.

It’s not like programs are user-friendly, they make no sense.  Honestly, I just erased a full paragraph with a touch of a button, and I have no idea how to get it back.  Its gone forever, my thoughts are now with the wind.

So what do we do?  Us adults who are expected to know information that is being taught to the children, that are all of a sudden necessary for success, when I basically know how to turn my machine on and off?

Its frustrating, not knowing how to use these powerful tools that operate with the smallest touch of the fingertips.


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