The Constructed Pickle

You look at construction workers tryin’ to puzzle a piece into place, and you wonder, how?  How can these seemingly buffoons be building things so integral, so influential, so grand?   I wouldn’t trust these people to walk my imaginary dog.  I don’t think they could fix my toilet.  Why do we trust them to construct monstrous projects, to connect vital links in this functioning world, to construct an entire hidden infrastructure full of moving parts and near catastrophes?  To change the skyline, to tear down the natural world in order to construct a new one?  These men, old school, outdated, and detached, are figuring out individual solutions that connect to a much larger and unify city scheme.  These tradesmen trying to get on by like you and me, can impact the world more than you and me combined.

I do not understand how the world keeps its balance, sometimes


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