The Most Ambitious Escape


Running away from the sunset is not enough.

A simple road that gives a pathway to freedom is not ambitious enough.

To escape the gravity of the oncoming night, we need steel and iron, we need machine might and centrifugal force.

To escape the gravity of the oncoming night, we need structure and dominance, we need concrete weight for the uneven fight.

The modern tools of human’s imagination puts up a bold challenge to nature’s subtle routine.

The modern motif is more firm than the delicate palate of the sunset,

The clamor of the train drowns out the symphonic chorus of the daylight’s departure.

Yet all this might, all this effort to escape,

All this collective determination

 Will never be enough to soften the song of the wind,

To quiet the goodbye of that last spark of daylight,

To diminish the determined circle of the sun.


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