Violet’s Vision


The watchful guardian of the sea and the lover to the land keeps us serenely protected.  Peacefully Violet protects the premise with a careful gaze.  Her sidekick is the glowing moon, casting a spotlight over the city and the shuffling water of the lake.  Her calm demeanor is a trained patience, her beauty is a tool of disguise.

Violet is our ever present empress that keep the fictionalized world in harmony.  She is the gateway between the real and the imaginary, she keeps this domain well calibrated.  She keeps the evil spirits and invisible ghosts at bay, she keeps the changing scene of the neighborhood in balance, not letting the old hold back the new, not letting the new technological wave run over the humble traditions of the block.  Under her stare, nothing can slip past, not through the troubled sea or in the excitement of the city’s lights.  Her vigilance is unwaving, her guard remains unchallenged.  She is our protection against gentrification.

Her pantone of cool is elusive, the backdrop dark, her personality mysterious.  Her charm is hidden underneath a mask of nonchalance, her strength is in the subtle reproach of her eyes.

Violet is the manifestation of the line between the unseen motivators, and the realistic hurdles to our dreams.  Violet is a muse, a mermaid of fastidious strength and stamina, a symbol of limitless imagination, the proof that nothing is impossible.  She guards the entrance way, allowing us a tangible symbol of what we try to achieve behind closed doors, tucked away from the daylight in a kitchen, pouring out the contents of our imagination and skill through simple ingredients.

Her dualistic existence motivates our imagination and challenges the seemingly shortcomings dominated by physical space.  Violet is our very own personal superhero, a symbol of motivation, and inspiration for imagination.


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