The Sexy Robot and the Hungry Human

Robotics is a sexy term.  It’s a buzz word, it’s popular, it’s trendy, it’s an enviable career, it’s what the cool kids are doing these days.  But the question begs, why do we build robots in order to improve the daily life of people who make too much money when we have an over population problem?  We need help to do things yet we have a problem with unemployment.  Let’s free up more money for the living people instead of sinking it into a machine.  Spread the wealth around amongst the breathing.  Why have a robot to do your laundry, chop your vegetables, answer your phone calls, open doors, scan your groceries when we can be creating jobs?  The money involved in developing new and cheap machines should be going towards paying rent and buying groceries, supporting our communities instead of having a sexy career.


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