Graduate From Yourself

Validation is very important, but you have to remember to consider the sources.  Not every one is going to do it, even if you are Jesus Christ.  Even if you built the Taj Mahal today would everyone validate your choices and your accomplishment.  It’s important to choose wisely the people from whom you can feel this sense of personal accomplishment.  There is nothing better that a close acquaintance, a life long friend, colleagues whom your respect, a community of shared interests who can recognize and praise that which you do, whatever your art maybe.  Its is important to feel validated from people, but its more important to recognize the source of those who really matter.   This is a unique decision, to pick the people or audience you want to impress, to choose who matters to you and your ego.  The world is never going to tell you whose opinion is the best.  It’s all up to you.


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