The Glass House

Why are all new buildings made out of glass?  All the new, modern, chic architecture has buildings designed to be covered in windows from ground all the way up to the top in the clouds.  A shiny, reflective look that is the model of money, progress, and modernity.  Long gone are the buildings made mostly of concrete with the detailed stone work, with an extravagant façade, with a unique personality shown through masonry.  When you see a new building go up now, the exterior is reflective mumu covering up all the whole building the a nun’s habit.  There is no peak of concrete, not a flash of the buildings flesh.  The mirrored skin is uniform across all new construction, the only difference being in the shape of the building.

Don’t these architects and the investors and the planners know that it is cold here more often than it is warm?  Windows are inherently drafty, they are not good insulators, not matter how expensive and new they are.  Windows are not warm, a cold hard fact.  Plus, more often then not these mammoth windows are covered with curtains, posters, cardboard, anything to get privacy and to hide the blinding sun.  They make cold windows just to cover them right up.  Its like going to a tanning salon then choosing to don a burka.  You go through the ordeal to get blonde hair and then you wear a hat all the time.  It makers zero sense.

Now everyone can have a office with a view.  Ah the American dream.  A cold dream.


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