The Willing Prisoner

Locked behind the tall cement walls that are topped with a barbed wire crown, you keep yourself in just as effectively as you keep the desperate out.  Mingling with the neighbors is not an effortless coincidence, it is a planned activity in a fortified neighborhood.

Maintaining this separation is keeping the everyone back, it is drying out the culture.  We limit ourselves by denying access to people who come from different backgrounds, with different stories, with different interests, perspectives, and forms of art.  We don’t get the full range of what this world of culture has to offer locked behind our fear, our insecurities, our greed.  Remember when drums were banned as music in the United States?  Can you even imagine what we would be missing if this law stated into effect for as long as apartheid existed in south Africa?

Being afraid of people, and being afraid of competition, being afraid to not socialize with people who share a different world view is not keeping them out, it is keeping us in the cage.


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