Integrity of the Ingredients

Dessert trend predictions from the mind of Marigold:

Return to simplicity to focus on a singular ingredient.  Where is it from, specifically who grew it?  Let’s explore the many varieties of ingredients, the nuances of nature’s creativity.  This is taking the farm to table a step further, respecting the beauty of the ingredient as much as the sourcing. I think Chef’s will embrace the innate flavors and textures of the raw ingredients, transforming nature’s creation it into many new forms.

Why?  Because of all the additives in food, these manufactured flavors are distracting our taste buds.  By mimicking the natural flavor profile and textures, we are creating new ones.  I see a return to the origin, a respect for the principal ingredient.

How?  Through multiple ways of representation, to showcase the diversity found in a singular item.  To explore all the varieties of one species, to not stop with the one thing offered at the supermarket.  A main driving factor in dining out is to get something that you can’t get at home.  If we find a way to source alternative varieties of ingredients, it will be another pull for the consumer, another way to make what we have to offer special and memorable.  Different colored carrots have broken through, what’s next?

Adding surprising flavor combinations and savory ingredients to compensate for the simple approach.  Well thought out flavor additions as to not distract the tongue from what you want it to taste primarily.

Bringing in elemental forces to reconnect the diner with the origins of food, cooking, and mimic the weather outside.  I think that Chef’s will embrace seasonal textures and elemental forces to highlight origin of ingredients, and reaffirm a consumer connection with food.


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