Cookie of the Day

I am still seeking that elusive inspiration.  I am still filtering the dreams from the reality, the sleeping life from the waking, the muses of the mind from the physical facts of the day.  It’s hard, at times, to keep track of the difference.

Magic does exist, but mostly in your mind. This fact implies that magic does not only stay hidden in the mind’s creation- it can be manifested, surely.   Perspective is everything, surely- I prefer the view from the kaleidoscope, an ever changing rainbow of scenery.

Life is indeed what you making it, and I seek the knowledge of the cookie.

Don’t forget cookie monster’s lesson:  you don’t have to eat the cookie to enjoy it and to demand it.  Even if you simply spit it out while you talk, it’s your cookie and you can enjoy it how ever is it that you please.


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