To Do List

Things to do before vacation in one month and five days from today, presented in no particular order:

1. Design, test, and execute dessert menu for new restaurant

2. Train two people, one at La Sirena, one at El Che

3.  Hire a person for El Che

4. Make two dinners worth of food for 30 people, store and freeze

5. Decorate paddle boat in the “mystical creatures” theme

6.Talk to Shortbread about campsite layout

7. Stretch daily

8. Don’t Panic

9. Plan birthday party at the house for this weekend

10. Weed the garden and plant all the seedlings

11.  Revamp menu at La Sirena

12. Look up yoga studios close to work

13. Gather supplies for 5 days camping trip

14. Clean my bedroom



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