Don’t Bother Calling

Marigold doesn’t have time to marigold- she is too busy to be inspired to critique the culture around her.  She doesn’t have time to experience the world about, she doesn’t have the energy to dissect what people do and why.  She doesn’t have time to  document her desserts, she doesn’t have time to digest her visions.

Instead, I will tell a tale of what the restaurant life is really about, to dissipate these dramatic TV renditions of what a life of a chef is all about.  Yes there is drama, but it’s mostly because we are cranky, tired, hungry, without a break insight, with your co-workers nonstop, stressed out.  No I cannot make plans, no I cannot see friends, yes I might have to miss that thing that I promised I would do.  It’s not this high stake game all the time- mostly we are weary, just plain old tired and overworked, afraid that you are not going to make it through the week, let alone the next day.  I currently work 14 hour days with no breaks, eat one meal that consists of a hot dog over a trash can, tediously try and retry menu items while working in a 110 plus degree kitchen.  There is no dishwasher, so after you make a mess, you clean it, and after you feed the staff, you clean after them, and after you do multiple mock services, you stay and clean all the dishes- mop the floor, take out the trash, make your list for tomorrow, order your products, shot gun a beer before you ride your bike home to rest for a few fleeting hours.

I have had two days off in the last two weeks, and since opening day is tomorrow, and I can honestly say that I do not know when my next day off will be.  It might be a month- that is a real possibility.

So for now, I will give you pieces of the pent up life, when I am not too tired to write a few words.  Once the ship has set its course, you will see pictures, hear descriptions, maybe happen up a poem.  I have worked very hard for this, now is not the time to change my mind, seek something easier, try to become a secretary.


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