Late night stroll

A walk through the talk:

Ice cream sandwiches are delicious and just like cookies, universally loved.  We all have a summertime addiction to this childhood treat- its cold, easy to eat, and everyone goes about enjoying it in a different way.

I would take the wrapper off and lick around the rectangular shaped frozen treat with my tongue, collecting the melted ice cream as I ran around the delicate edges, savoring every gram of the this concept that married cookie with ice cream.   After the ice cream disappeared to a length where the licking would not longer prove to be worthwhile, I would give in and eat the sandwich as intended- with my teeth to bite and my jaw to chew.  But the cookie was so soft that biting and chewing was left only to the imagination.

A successful ice cream sandwich must melt, it must be lick worthy but so easy to eat that it’s gone before you notice.

The combination of the ice cream sandwich with the alfajor is nothing less than genius.  Look, I have many great ideas, but this is an example of a collaborative project- this shows how group effort can having a great team can create a truly unique project.  There are so many steps to this penguin cookie creation that have come from this amazing culinary team that I don’t feel right taking credit.  Synergy is not something you create, it’s an effect.  Two weeks in, I feel it’s in full force.


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