Thank You Note

I will never make time for myself.  I will never prioritize my needs over literally anyone else.  I am a giver- I give and I give and I give until I literally have a panic attack.  I will bend over backwards for everyone to the point that I get crippling muscle spasms.  I will put out and shine on until I have a mental break down and cry in the middle of the street over spilled milk.

That’s me, that’s the person I am.

I have realized this week that I cannot cope with the amount of work that I have because I don’t have time for Marigold.  I made it a priority this week to write, a goal that was met with extreme failure.  I have beyond zero time despite all the hard and concentrated work. It stressed me out to not have any time or energy for Marigold, therefore I asked for help- for the first time in my professional life.  I asked for another set of hands, for another body to help me with the endless mountain of work, and that wish was granted.

So no, I am not really doing anything to put myself first, I am doing this for Marigold.

Thanks for helping me prioritize myself, Marigold, I don’t know what I would do without you.  I will continue to make time for your voice and your opinions… really looking forward to what you have to say after months of silence.


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