Quarto Chocolates



All of the chocolate, that is the theme for this dessert.

White Chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa nibs- representing every manipulation of chocolate in the modern pastry pantry.  This dish highlights each of these chocolate varieties in a way that showcase what each has to offer, while working together to create a wonderful dish.  There is no competition here in which form of chocolate is better- from the bitter and unrefined cocoa nib to the sweet and smooth white chocolate.   This dish exploits each of these masterful concoctions, highlighting their natural properties and flavors.

The white chocolate is infused with fresh mint leaves, which sits atop a custard set with dark chocolate, enrobed with a candy shell.  Served on top is a milk chocolate mousse, just the essence of the sweet flavor, light as air, with none of the sticky weight that is typical with milk chocolate.  The cocoa nibs are candied to take off the bitter notes, and paired with a milk powder streusel, creating a black and white look that compliments the dark chocolate and bright red raspberry caramel.  The rich, sweet, decadent chocolate is pair with fresh market fruit, raspberries and blackberries , that add a fresh, tart note.



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