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Anxiously Waiting With Patience

Airports, a place of comfortable transience, a hub for tax free commerce, a collective of fast food kiosks, an oasis to bond with strangers, a place to escape the daily routine, a spot where you can relax in a restaurant for hours awaiting the next flying machine without being rushed out the door.  Everyone here is going somewhere, nobody here is an a hurry.  The connecting flight might not be for another a half day, some block of time that has long lost meaning in this place of continuance; everyone is collectively and peacefully waiting.  It’s a land that exists within walls, a place where once you enter, you can only exit through the clouds.  Time has a different attitude in this plain of waiting, of anticipation, of expecting the glory of vacation.  Just outside the city, there is none of the bustle of the city life.

You can have a beer for breakfast because for someone that just might be dinner time.   Here you suspend your expectations, pause your priorities, enjoy the temporary time of anticipation.



Marigold apologies for the delayed post, but she is mentally preparing herself for the 8 hour time difference for her upcoming travels.  Day will be night, night will be day; winter will be summer, pants will be shorts, boots will be sandals; fair skin will be the minority, good times will be the majority; work will be delayed for two weeks, relaxation will be liberated.

Look forward to nature at it’s finest, look forward to a whole new culture to critique, look forward to a whole new society to assess, look forward to more food to be addressed, look forward for more poems to emerge.

But before reaching the final destination, first we must travel to the other side of this great green globe, this bountiful beautiful blue bubble.

While my feet are not on the land, I will do my best to keep up with the daily jig of Marigold’s fanciful mind, I will continue to try to keep up with the demanding fingerwork of her tasks.

Goodbye cold Chicago, Hello land of the clouds.

Lake Effect

I am seriously starting to feel the magic unravel and the real world is settling in very hard.  The lake effect is starting to wear off, the clouds are moving on, dissolving from the puffy cumulus to the wandering cirrus.  I am not going to even try to sugar coat it, life came rushing back in a deluge type fashion as soon as vacation ended.  That very second that you tap back into the work front, the damn’s crack has been exposed and the explosion of fierce water flaying your body, knocking you to the ground, dragging you down!!  Not that my job involves a whole lot of water, the metaphor still holds.

I have to admit, I am surprised at how long the magic from vacation lasted despite being drenched.  I felt light and happy and content with myself for a long time.  The smirk of magic that I felt left a semi permanent stain on my perspective, giving everything a rosy glow.  That luster, unfortunately, has faded to a very dim and dreary sun washed peachy beige.  The filter is still there, but it lacks color.

I helped restore some of the pantone color last night through my favorite means of therapy: dancing.  I love to dance.  If you don’t know this about me, then this is obviously the first time that we have met.  I like to shake it out, dig it up, twist it



the block,

put it downtown and bring it up to the top of a jump.  I like to boogie.  Shake out my soul, that’s what I call dancing.  Last night I danced out every part of my body.  Nothing was left out of the complicated symmetry in expressing the sounds and feelings of the music.  When I dance I feel like I create a beautiful harmonizing energy that lifts up the heavy soul, spins it so that it can hang in the air, float around in the atmosphere.  Your soul should be like an iridescent bubble gracefully floating in the air, softly spinning and easily twirling.

Needless to extrapolate much further then to say I went to a party and it was fun times.  I had a great night connecting with people, feeling the energy of happiness, taking no less than 5 rides on the giant tire swing.  I love to swing.  Again, needless to say if you know me even a little bit.  I love to feel the centrifugal sway lull my weary body with its force.  I got some great compliments from people that I just met and that makes my ego smile brightly.  I was told that I was the best dancer there.  He said to me: I love the way you describe things.

Unicorn Lights

I  miss the bright neon lights hemming the lake, twinkling unicorn colors under the dark Michigan sky.  The glassy lake reflects the rainbow glow, buffing the already-round edges of the Christmas light camps strung around the lucky lake.  I was so peaceful gazing at the camps full of happiness, joy, wonder, love, and curiosity from the opposite side of the lake.  In the cool seclusion of the dark night, I look across the lake at the slowly changing kaleidoscope scenery, feeling the energy but taking a break from the action.  Everything and anything you want is there, you can have it.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to join the party, or just take it all in under the expansive sky full of stars.  There is nothing more to want because it is perfect here.  This was a magical moment, where everything was perfect and there was nothing to desire.