Marigold apologies for the delayed post, but she is mentally preparing herself for the 8 hour time difference for her upcoming travels.  Day will be night, night will be day; winter will be summer, pants will be shorts, boots will be sandals; fair skin will be the minority, good times will be the majority; work will be delayed for two weeks, relaxation will be liberated.

Look forward to nature at it’s finest, look forward to a whole new culture to critique, look forward to a whole new society to assess, look forward to more food to be addressed, look forward for more poems to emerge.

But before reaching the final destination, first we must travel to the other side of this great green globe, this bountiful beautiful blue bubble.

While my feet are not on the land, I will do my best to keep up with the daily jig of Marigold’s fanciful mind, I will continue to try to keep up with the demanding fingerwork of her tasks.

Goodbye cold Chicago, Hello land of the clouds.


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