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Smartly Unaware

Cell phones, a tiny computer in your hands, a gateway to any information that you might need at any place, any time, is, not so surprisingly ironically, not making us smarter, more informed people.  Smart phones, with there dumb games and meaningless addictive apps, are making the general public less aware of their surroundings, drawing people inwards at the expense of the outside world at large. In addition to making people inconsiderate by hardly being able to lift their locked eyes from this tiny screen, this smart device is making us less evolved.  This obsession is making us more vulnerable, less ready to expect the unexpected, more prone to danger, less adaptive, more shallow.  This hand held distraction is making us less social, which in turn is making us less cultural.

Be smart about how you use technology and the advancements that we are lucky enough to have access to.  Don’t be antisocial with online media, don’t be less engaging with strangers because you want to play a video game, don’t forget that you are part of a larger piece of the cultural puzzle.

The Battle of the Apps

The McDonald’s app is more popular than Spotify.  This statement is not an opinion, it is the truth.  What sort of society do we live in where a fast “food” app can beat out music?  Ok so you need to eat to live, but you need music to be happy.  Plus McDOnalds isn’t really food, it’s a substance that mimics food.  Plus, it is not cheap.  Fast food may have been once upon a time a viable option to save money, but you can get a meal way cheaper via other means.  I can cook a meal for a family for $5.  If you are taking the family out to McDOnalds its going to be over $20.  And you are going to be hungry in 2 hours because it is not filling and not offering your body any sort of nutrition.  I can understand a craving and convenience, but the popularity is astounding.

Spotify is roughly $10 a month for endless streaming of music, style to fit any taste bud, and the best part is that is even suggests music for you.  Does McDonald’s suggest more food options for you?  No, it doesn’t.  It offers sandwiches and things out of the fryer.  Also, you can connect to friends and see what they are listening to for further musical inspiration.  Does McDonald’s provided nearly endless entertainment and strengthen the bonds with your friends?  No, it doesn’t.  It makes you fat and keeps you hungry.  Spotify, however, will at times force you to dance yourself clean, dance yourself into some much needed exercise in these winter months, dance yourself into a great mood when this sunless time gets you down.

Let’s get our priorities straight, you hungry and musically starved people