Smartly Unaware

Cell phones, a tiny computer in your hands, a gateway to any information that you might need at any place, any time, is, not so surprisingly ironically, not making us smarter, more informed people.  Smart phones, with there dumb games and meaningless addictive apps, are making the general public less aware of their surroundings, drawing people inwards at the expense of the outside world at large. In addition to making people inconsiderate by hardly being able to lift their locked eyes from this tiny screen, this smart device is making us less evolved.  This obsession is making us more vulnerable, less ready to expect the unexpected, more prone to danger, less adaptive, more shallow.  This hand held distraction is making us less social, which in turn is making us less cultural.

Be smart about how you use technology and the advancements that we are lucky enough to have access to.  Don’t be antisocial with online media, don’t be less engaging with strangers because you want to play a video game, don’t forget that you are part of a larger piece of the cultural puzzle.


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