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Smartly Unaware

Cell phones, a tiny computer in your hands, a gateway to any information that you might need at any place, any time, is, not so surprisingly ironically, not making us smarter, more informed people.  Smart phones, with there dumb games and meaningless addictive apps, are making the general public less aware of their surroundings, drawing people inwards at the expense of the outside world at large. In addition to making people inconsiderate by hardly being able to lift their locked eyes from this tiny screen, this smart device is making us less evolved.  This obsession is making us more vulnerable, less ready to expect the unexpected, more prone to danger, less adaptive, more shallow.  This hand held distraction is making us less social, which in turn is making us less cultural.

Be smart about how you use technology and the advancements that we are lucky enough to have access to.  Don’t be antisocial with online media, don’t be less engaging with strangers because you want to play a video game, don’t forget that you are part of a larger piece of the cultural puzzle.


Get with The Program

So I have internet on my mobile phone- a device that resembles a mini computer more than a communication device developed for talking and used mostly for silent communication.  How come my fancy pants tablet which is, in fact, a full blown and very capable computer (top notch modern it has a touch screen like my mobile phone) does not have the ability to connect to the internet automatically without a hotshot, virtual link that you physically clink on, outside modem that blinking out its messages to invisible sphere of the internet’s cobwebs?  Does this seem backwards to anyone else?  Technology is so advanced in some aspects, but so lagging in other parts.  This limbo is strange, when everything is unevenly striving to catch up, patched together like a mismatching quilt, haphazardly sewn together with any regard for the pattern.

Say it like it is

All this hype around cell phones and people don’t even use them to talk.  When was the last time you had a conversation on the phone?  These pocket computers are so expensive and advanced and supportive of your career, personal and expressional life, why don’t we call it what it really is?   Honestly, it’s hardly a phone.  I mean the reception sucks consistently, plus nobody wants to hear your conversation, (please kept your eyes glued to the tiny pocket screen at all times) why are we still insistent on calling that pager a cell phone?

Beep beep, now who is making fun of the girl walking around with a pager on her belt.

If Magneto Were an Ordinary Girl

I have magnets embedded in my fingers.  Tiny yet powerful metallic pearls are in each of my fingertips, creating an imaginary disruptive pull that corrupts all things electronic or even modern.  It is like my heart is made of aluminum and my capillaries copper, but my fragile glass hands and plastic butterfingers interrupt the flow and break everything imaginary.  That is why technology and I are at odds.  We are arch nemesis because we repel each other stronger and definitively.

When I am around other people with their phones, computers, cameras, smart anything, I have to remember to keep my hands closed as to not disrupt their virtual communications.  If the word gets out about my tremendously terrible affect on all things technological, I will loose all friends, both real and imaginary.

This is why when you see me, my hands are clutched, straining to keep the world in virbatious and magnetic order.