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Just a Step to Side

Why am I not afraid of self-employment when really I should be?  Many people have tried, and most of those people fail.  I might too.  There is a good chance that I will fail in the quest for being my own boss and generating an income.

I am not afraid because if I fail, I don’t have too far to fall.  This is one of the perks of investing in a career that makes very little money.  The risks are lowered because I don’t have a large financial expectation from the get-go.  That means that if it takes 5 years to fully develop the business, I won’t be in dark in the lean beginning.

Just because I haven’t made money cooking, does not mean that there is no money in it.


Treats for Today

Life, simply, is so good.  What more do you need besides simple satisfying food, a couple great people who inspire you daily, and a stress free early spring afternoon?  These things are virtually priceless, requiring the bare minimum to provide such a feeling of joy.  I complain about money a heavy amount, and I do think that in ways what I don’t have in the bank account values my worth- “what I can do” echoes since fun and experiences make life the most rewarding, it seems, but really, it’s not.  It’s a simple meal, it’s a good connection with the people around, it’s embracing the small treats for yourself that come from a value system defined from within.

Feminism, Football, Capitalism, and Cancer, All together


Ok so as it turns out, the “pink out” that the NFL supports to raise money for breast cancer (everyone wears pink, therefore they buy pink things, and those profits cure cancer) is not actually raising money that is helping boobs win the cancer battle.  Where the money goes is towards community awareness.  Awareness, as you are aware, does not solve problems.  Research, science, healthy eating, a non sedentary life style, and open mindedness to finding a solution are the solution.


Concerning the NLF’s largely popular campaign “Pink Out” during the month of October and the accusation that this program is not actually doing anything productive to cure cancer found in the breast tissue of women.

  1. I am not surprised and neither should you be.
  2. The reason why it is so popular is because football is intrinsically boring and anything that might add excitement to this game of waiting is welcomed with pom pom enthusiastic arms.
  3. This proves that there exists a potential audience for females, and there is a lot of money to be made.  Football is geared to men and woman who want to impress men or at least have a common interest.  But it is not intrinsically geared towards women.

All advertisers and business know that the women spend money.  So here are Marigold’s ideas on how to make football more approachable to women, therefore at least doubling the spectator volume which in turn brings in more revenue, while simultaneously making this all-American sport more entertaining.


Uniforms.  Change the ugly, hideous, beyond bland and never changing uniforms to something that, I don’t know, actually make the athletes look sexy? Not like a light sack of blubbery garbage? They are fully covered in spandex, and is it horrifying.  HORRIFYING.  God not only do you have to wait on average 20 minutes for anything to actually happen, you actually have to watch overweight men in KHAKI skin colored spandex lean over with their ass in high definition.  Vogue won’t even put the hottest woman with the derriere of the year in flesh colored tights.  Yet, here, we have a team of men wearing the most deplorable outfit ever constructed.  Please, give me something not only repulsive, but sexy.  There are very good looking, athletic men, running around, sweating and yelling and dancing, please let’s focus on sexifying that man!  Let us focus on fashion and style and trend in this untouched worlds of sports. Show him up close with fake balls even.  Stuff that junk!  Oh don’t be so stuffy, women do it all the time with their lips and their boobs, with the high heals impossible to walk in shoes and the make-up.  We put on a good show and have a good time doing it, let’s see those beautiful and tough men out on a real show for everyone.

Let’s turn the tables and make money.

Oh, still concerned about raising money for breast cancer? Skip the pink shirt, bandana, and banner and donate money to cancer research.

War and Peace

Today we celebrate the freedom won at the dismay of our past countrymen by taking the day off work, by drinking beer for breakfast, by taking a slow stroll down the crowded streets, by relaxing next to the glow of the television.  There was a lot a blood and exploitation involved in granting us this simple day.  Lives and cultures were irreversibly changed so that we can have a day not to go into work, a day to spend on the sofa with a friend, a day to catch up on gossip with the neighbors.  This type of day is priceless in that it affords us a chance to relax and to bond, soak in the freedom like a lazy summer day.   But with the blood, hate, and imposing regulations that have been put into place, we have given it a price, a price that is paid in souls and psychology, a price that is far greater than all the monetary debt of America. It is a price that is not worth paying, a price that one could never ask, until it is too late.  I have a lot of respect for the tenacity of all soldiers, I regret that their services and their hearts were betrayed to wage a war that used freedom as propaganda, that used money and control as the real motivating factors.  Today while we sip our beers and kiss our lovers, we need to remember that we are universally equal, that war does not bring about peace, that money is overrated, that control is for the weak seeking affirmation from the masses.  The best way to respect the price paid by countless Americans is to make sure that is not repeated, that embracing the easy life does not have to come from exploiting another party.

The Poor Man’s Slow Hustle #4

True confessions of a chef #1

After 10 years of cooking professionally and trying with all the might my small yet determined physical self can offer, with all the passion in my glowing heart, and with all the smarts in the multiple folds of my brain, I only make a few dollars (literally a few, this is not a dramatized statement) more an hour than when I graduated from college.  10 year of toil, turmoil, and complete dedication.  I make less than I did before pastry school.  I make so little that I was upset when minimum wage got increased.  I make so little that I got a pimple of stress when my great job offered its shiny spot to me.

Eating is the number one necessity to living, but the work involved is not valued.  Like teaching your children, these building block of society our overlooked and negated to the needy.

I have preached it before and I will continue my soapbox speech.  Tipping is ridiculous and at this point it proves nothing.  You tip because you have to, not because you want to.  Since the industry has exploited the goodness of your dining generosity, it needs to be restricted.  Servers, food runners, hosts, cooks, dishwashers, and bar backs, we all deserve to make a living wage, and just like a capitalistic system, the wages should not be so binary.  Front of the house makes it rain, while back of the house is in the drought.

The system is not working, and this in turns makes it very difficult to want to go to the kitchen day in and day out, taking that precious passion and putting it towards you.

We are the overlooked crowd.  You read about running a restaurant, and the service  involved in making the guest have such a grand experience, and the struggle or impute of the chef is never mentioned.  It’s all about that happiness in the dining room, the articles never mentions the that person under the bandana.  It is starting to get to us.  I see a lack luster in cooks because we are not getting enough out of this bargain.  Someone has to speak up, and it will be Marigold and her golden wit.

Matrix meets Dr. Who

ARE YOU AFRIAD THAT GOOGLE IS GOING TO START TO READ YOUR MIND?  Ads already filter your thoughts by deducing what you want based on purchases and websites you visit… what happens when google/oracle skips the search field step and does it for you?  By thinking about what to ask the oracle, the search engine complies and compiles a list of everything you might need to know about said pondered topic.

Sound so convenient and practical and like something I would use, but like creepy.


I am a little scared.

Do you think that you can impose a restraining order against google?

Food for thought?