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Musical Notes

Music is important because it is a lens through which people’s lives are focused.  It is a backdrop, an important motif that supports the theme of one’s life.  Think of how important a soundtrack is to the making a movie truly great and memorable.  If your life has a great soundtrack, then it is going to be better.  Or it can be filled with all the potential that luck can muster, but if low quality expression are prevalent that petty over sex, money, gossip, then your life just may have limits.


Music and Meal

Music is a quintessential part of the dining experience.  Can you imagine going out on a dinner date and eating in silence?  Shutter.  What if it was a first date and you don’t have anything to talk about? That is the most mortifying situation my creative mind can muster.  What if you had just gotten in a fight and you are trying to null the differences over a steak, but there is so much silence that the tension only increase?

The finest of fine dining could never exist without music, yet this area is so overlooked.  It seems almost like an afterthought, like right before the door open, somebody is like oh yeah, what should we like put on?

Music is just as important for mood as is the interior design.  Restaurant planners pay so much money for all types of mood enhancements and designer’s expert advice, but the music issue is hardly ever addressed.  This is a niche that need to be filled, a profession that needs to be established.  I see a restaurant future where there are dj’s to create and enhance the mood, where what you hear is as important as what you are eating and the curated wine list provided.  Now this is a well rounded experience.

Music To My Ears

The worst part about the Christmas season, even worse than the pressure to have to buy people gifts out of obligation, worse than having to reach into the depths of your creative soul because you don’t have any money to spend, worse than everyone else getting a holiday except for you because your industry is the busiest during the holidays and PTO, that is hilarious.  The worst part about Christmas is the music.  Christmas music is so terrible that it makes me shake.  It fills me with a special kind of hatred reserved for the most annoying moments of my life.  I would rather listen to top billboard hits than Christmas music.  I would rather listen to a Taylor Swift and Alvin the Chipmunks cameo than any Christmas music.  I struggle with understanding how it got this bad, this cliché, this downright awful.

Don’t these retail stores know what they are doing?  I want to get out the store as soon as possible.  In fact, I wont even step foot inside a store that is blasting jungle bells, or something about a reindeer and a snow man.  This genre of “music” is basically nursery rhymes that adults pour in their heartfelt falsetto and add a festive tambourine into the simplest of melodies and the shallowest of meaning.

Everyone is getting a hug this year, a silent glorious hug.

Pop Music According to Culinary Standards

Scientists say that what makes Indian foods so delicious is that there are not a lot of overlapping taste profiles.  The combination of dishes represents a large blanket of flavors, each dish adding something into the large pot of taste.  This is somewhat contradictory to what you would expect out of a scientific study to explain what makes food so delicious.  Obviously flavors that pair well together make something delicious, therefore one would assume that the most delicious food have a lot of similarities.  But the opposite is the case, it take a team of players to create a delicious playing field.  It takes a lot of separate moving parts to create an elaborate plan.  This synergy of sensation is what makes for the best meal.

This same concept of complexity in food can help explain what makes contemporary music so terrible.  There are not enough different sounds happening to create an intriguing and complex piece. Classical music is amazing because it has a million components moving harmoniously at the same time, a synergy of sounds creates a rich experience.  Pop music has maybe four things going on.  And while this can lead to something deliciously melodic, it cannot hold up on the grandiose scale of the auscultatory world.

Internet Dating

Spotify knows me WAY better than google.

Get a clue looser, it’s not working.  You don’t appeal to me, or Marinara, Mari Mari, and we all know Marigold’s stance on google’s impression.  Nobody is dazzled with your understanding of any of my personalities.  I would say that I give you a lot of material to work with, but you are only appealing to… I don’t even know.  I don’t understand your angle, google.

That Spotify, though, has it going on.  It has my taste down better that I even know.  I thought that I didn’t have a type, with my wide range of personalities, but Spotify does not see this Gemini trait as restrictive. It works with my wide open field of musical tastes, and comes up with recommendations that I love even more I could know on my own.  That is what we call boyfriend material.  It will recommend to me my favorite songs that I have forgotten about, new ones that I cannot live without.

Google is a creep, but Spotify is super cute.  Probably strong too.

A Poem for Mum

I love my mum-

she is the only one

with so much heart,

and so much spunk,

to lift a flat note soul

out of baritone blues

into a sharp chord heart

like a falsetto chime in early spring.

Her energetic eyes

spray ultra-violet light

of compassion that melts

the midnight shadow snow.