Music To My Ears

The worst part about the Christmas season, even worse than the pressure to have to buy people gifts out of obligation, worse than having to reach into the depths of your creative soul because you don’t have any money to spend, worse than everyone else getting a holiday except for you because your industry is the busiest during the holidays and PTO, that is hilarious.  The worst part about Christmas is the music.  Christmas music is so terrible that it makes me shake.  It fills me with a special kind of hatred reserved for the most annoying moments of my life.  I would rather listen to top billboard hits than Christmas music.  I would rather listen to a Taylor Swift and Alvin the Chipmunks cameo than any Christmas music.  I struggle with understanding how it got this bad, this cliché, this downright awful.

Don’t these retail stores know what they are doing?  I want to get out the store as soon as possible.  In fact, I wont even step foot inside a store that is blasting jungle bells, or something about a reindeer and a snow man.  This genre of “music” is basically nursery rhymes that adults pour in their heartfelt falsetto and add a festive tambourine into the simplest of melodies and the shallowest of meaning.

Everyone is getting a hug this year, a silent glorious hug.


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