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Mari v Mari

Say something for yourself.  What makes you happy, Marianna?  You really don’t like it when people don’t consider you, but you hardly consider yourself.  So what do you expect.  Stop being a hater, stop being obsessed with double standards when you can’t even follow the rules.

Where is your spark of joy today, outside of the routine reasons?  Many things make you light up that glowing smile, spark the flame in your diamond eyes, but those are exterior.  What gives your heart a red thump from the inside?  What makes your fingertips lighting bug?  What makes your elbows jazz?

Think about it.  Why does the heart muscles squeezes, and what makes it relax. What gets your goose? What frees the bird from its cage?

I know the answer personally, do you know the answer for yourself?

Fine, I will tell you my secret, but don’t be so easily fooled, you might have one for yourself.

You have to do things for yourself for the sake of taking care of your body.  Details my friends, it feels good to floss, it feels good to stretch it out, it feels good to have shiny toenails.  It feels good to eat healthy, and exercise, to find time for friends, to find energy for the extras.  Don’t get lazy when it comes to the one person that matters the most.


Autumn’s Magical Tug

There’s something about September, something special in those precious final moments that desperately cling to the lure of summer’s dream.  The last night-cap after an adventure filled night, the last bite of gooey dessert, one more tight hug goodbye, a stolen kiss in the moonlight, the smell of the sunset, that last glance over your shoulder as you leave the room sending sparks in your eyes.  It’s a sense of longing, but having just one more second to enjoy the sense of serenity. Of fulfillment. Of peace.

There is a magical something about that late September feeling.  That anticipation of change, yet the reluctance to let go of summer’s charm.

This change in balance is about losing the force of the summer sun but gaining the crisp of fall.  It’s like the cracking of the delicate crème brulee, biting into a crisp wafer, snapping open that perfect apple.  The last puff of summer’s flame is the satisfaction of breaking something perfectly layered,  like crushing the layers in a buttery croissant, biting into a nutty baklava, breaking open a flaky turnover, crumbling a cookie, breaking a brittle.

These last few days are that particularly perfect standstill in the tug between the changing seasons.  Only rarely do we have this troubled serenity, like that moment of twilight when the sun has subsided, but Mr. Moon is still missing.

Unicorn Lights

I  miss the bright neon lights hemming the lake, twinkling unicorn colors under the dark Michigan sky.  The glassy lake reflects the rainbow glow, buffing the already-round edges of the Christmas light camps strung around the lucky lake.  I was so peaceful gazing at the camps full of happiness, joy, wonder, love, and curiosity from the opposite side of the lake.  In the cool seclusion of the dark night, I look across the lake at the slowly changing kaleidoscope scenery, feeling the energy but taking a break from the action.  Everything and anything you want is there, you can have it.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to join the party, or just take it all in under the expansive sky full of stars.  There is nothing more to want because it is perfect here.  This was a magical moment, where everything was perfect and there was nothing to desire.