Mari v Mari

Say something for yourself.  What makes you happy, Marianna?  You really don’t like it when people don’t consider you, but you hardly consider yourself.  So what do you expect.  Stop being a hater, stop being obsessed with double standards when you can’t even follow the rules.

Where is your spark of joy today, outside of the routine reasons?  Many things make you light up that glowing smile, spark the flame in your diamond eyes, but those are exterior.  What gives your heart a red thump from the inside?  What makes your fingertips lighting bug?  What makes your elbows jazz?

Think about it.  Why does the heart muscles squeezes, and what makes it relax. What gets your goose? What frees the bird from its cage?

I know the answer personally, do you know the answer for yourself?

Fine, I will tell you my secret, but don’t be so easily fooled, you might have one for yourself.

You have to do things for yourself for the sake of taking care of your body.  Details my friends, it feels good to floss, it feels good to stretch it out, it feels good to have shiny toenails.  It feels good to eat healthy, and exercise, to find time for friends, to find energy for the extras.  Don’t get lazy when it comes to the one person that matters the most.


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