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Why are people eating Tide Pods? You know the dishwasher tabs, a type of soap you put in a machine that washes your dishes so that your hands don’t get wet?

And why do I even have to ask this question?  Throughout history, people consistently say that the world is the most crazy at that certain time, but does this not take the cake?

I did, I fucking googled “why are people eating tide pods?” because I was too embarrassed to actually ask someone.   I am just the type of person you would expect to ask this question: a very un-tech savvy mid-30’s lady who is pretty much consistently in a bathrobe.  Yes, I actually type into the google search box: why are people eating tide pods?  Question mark and all- I just HAD to know.

And you know what I found out?  Nothing.  I still have no idea why people are eating dishwasher tabs.  One explanation is that they vaguely resemble candy.  An explanation which raises even more questions than it proposes to answer, but I do not have time to dissect this new wormhole right now. What I do know is that I have read about it enough times to google the Tide Pod phenomena.

The Mystery will remain until someone takes the time to explain it to me.  But since you didn’t ask, here is my explanation:

“The internet is not making us smarter, and this is the evidence. Direct fucking evidence.  No need to litigate, this question is sufficient proof to win the case of “The Value of the Internet V Reading a Book.”

Smartphones are making us addicted to their bright screens and moving content, but all this fluidity is keeping us distracted enough to not actually care about the content.  We just like to dive into the internet zone- a place where we are entertained in whatever fashion we fancy,  distracted from the world around us where we can judge other people’s bad life decisions, a comforting spot where we can put off our chores and the horrors of having to take care of oneself.  Smartphones with their vivid screens are addictive- the more you dig, the deeper you need to go.

We use our smartphones for everything and all the time.  It has become an extension of the self to such an astonishing degree.  One does not do anything without the phone in hand-eat, poop, socialize.  ne does not leave the house without the phone in the pocket, one does not ride the train without eyes glued to the glowing screen, one does not waste time in any other way besides the comforting hand-hug of that indispensable phone. Many people sleep with them in bed at night.  When was the last time your trusty phone has left your side?  When was the last time you left it out of arm’s reach intentionally?

It’s like why read Shakespeare when there is Netflix?”



Talkless Telephones

Who would have guessed that the cell phone revolution would lead to a silent class, to one that never speaks out loud, to one that is reliant on written conversation and reading over vocal skills, noises that having meaning- a skill required shortly after birth as opposed to the one that must be fostered over a long series of years, a form of communication that takes years to master.  Writing text messages, emails, Facebook posts are a lot less innate than talking, but yet everyone has agreed on a preference, universally, and without any loud discussion about it.

Reality According to Observation

The Modern Man’s Riddle:

If you didn’t take a picture of it

Did it even exist?

Or rather, if it is not documented then is it even worth making?  Food art is temporary, but if it is not showcased through a photo, how can you capture the essence of the moment?  Is the sense of satisfaction of the eater not enough to make the dish worthy of high praise?

The answer is to raise your own person awareness and savor the moment. The art of food is in the playing of tastes and textures on your tongue, it is about the innovative use of ingredients, it is about surprising flavor combinations, it is about nutrition and fuel as much as it is about plate presentation.  It is great to be in love with what is on your plate and the beauty of food, but a picture cannot taste, photographs do not need nutrition, and you cannot rely on a snapshot to salivate your glands.  This obsession of documentingpoignant observations applies to food as much as it does to appreciating any kind of temporary beauty.   Things cannot be preserved, especially food and nature.  Hiding behind a camera and relying on this snap frame to preserve the feeling of excitement and the thrill of curiosity will only take you away from the reality of the experience.

A picture may be worth a thousand words,

But poetry is priceless.


Life is exciting and I feel happy. There are opportunities, even if they are not for me they are happening for my network, for my light strand. Its exciting to even extensionally be a part of the circus. If feel lucky to know people for whom good things are happening. Its fun. I finally don’t feel like I have to do everything to feel the reward. The reward is in the excitement in the air, the lightness in eyes, the quickness in the breathe, the pitch in the voice.