Reality According to Observation

The Modern Man’s Riddle:

If you didn’t take a picture of it

Did it even exist?

Or rather, if it is not documented then is it even worth making?  Food art is temporary, but if it is not showcased through a photo, how can you capture the essence of the moment?  Is the sense of satisfaction of the eater not enough to make the dish worthy of high praise?

The answer is to raise your own person awareness and savor the moment. The art of food is in the playing of tastes and textures on your tongue, it is about the innovative use of ingredients, it is about surprising flavor combinations, it is about nutrition and fuel as much as it is about plate presentation.  It is great to be in love with what is on your plate and the beauty of food, but a picture cannot taste, photographs do not need nutrition, and you cannot rely on a snapshot to salivate your glands.  This obsession of documentingpoignant observations applies to food as much as it does to appreciating any kind of temporary beauty.   Things cannot be preserved, especially food and nature.  Hiding behind a camera and relying on this snap frame to preserve the feeling of excitement and the thrill of curiosity will only take you away from the reality of the experience.

A picture may be worth a thousand words,

But poetry is priceless.


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