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Friday Night Rush

Tucked away in the corner of the train I am surrounded by the calm masses that are in a hurry to get home. Sardined in my seat, squished in my spot, silently we wander wayward towards home.  The subdued rush is content with the distraction found in the small handheld phone. Conversations rage on silently, games are individually studied with concentrated attention, eyes are trained at the tiny yet enthralling miniature screen. The train car packed with people, without an inch to give on all sides, remains quiet.  There is nothing to say to the fellow strangers, nothing to talk about on this trip away from the week of work.  Only the gentle sway of the train teetering on the parallel tracks, rocking us like children to our final destination, is the full extent of the action in this crowd.  The silent soldiers of the work force are content passing through the dark and rainy evening.  The train gradually empties as I slowly speed home, fresh air fills the vacated spaces.

Lucky Girl

I have said that I have no luck, terrible luck, nothing goes my way, that if my fate were left to the powers of the universe I would be alone, poor, and unloved.  Things don’t tend to go my way out of the sheer generosity of the universe.   I have never found anything, won anything, had good in luck my career or in my love life.  I have had to work very hard for the few things that I have, and strive to squeeze all the good that life has to offer.

But that is simply not true.  I am very lucky right now in particular.  I have received many outstanding gifts, material items that I could never afford on my own, that have been donated into my life because people can see how much I need them and want to see what I am going to do with these tools.   I have many outstanding friends who have changed and enriched my mundane life, who are doing amazing things and adding color to the world.  I have traveled to the farthest end of the world, and I am set to do it again.  From Pune, India to Johannesburg, South Africa, with the rest in Chicago, Illinois I am bombard with opportunity.

I may be poor in those green bills, but I am rich in experience, rich in love, rich in personalities, rich in opportunities.  I wouldn’t change my luck for all the golden dragons, red envelopes, four leaf clovers,  horseshoes, or rainbows that the psychic world has to offer.