Lucky Girl

I have said that I have no luck, terrible luck, nothing goes my way, that if my fate were left to the powers of the universe I would be alone, poor, and unloved.  Things don’t tend to go my way out of the sheer generosity of the universe.   I have never found anything, won anything, had good in luck my career or in my love life.  I have had to work very hard for the few things that I have, and strive to squeeze all the good that life has to offer.

But that is simply not true.  I am very lucky right now in particular.  I have received many outstanding gifts, material items that I could never afford on my own, that have been donated into my life because people can see how much I need them and want to see what I am going to do with these tools.   I have many outstanding friends who have changed and enriched my mundane life, who are doing amazing things and adding color to the world.  I have traveled to the farthest end of the world, and I am set to do it again.  From Pune, India to Johannesburg, South Africa, with the rest in Chicago, Illinois I am bombard with opportunity.

I may be poor in those green bills, but I am rich in experience, rich in love, rich in personalities, rich in opportunities.  I wouldn’t change my luck for all the golden dragons, red envelopes, four leaf clovers,  horseshoes, or rainbows that the psychic world has to offer.


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