New Wave of Food

Deconstructing a known food dish has been very popular in restaurants for years.  You take something, say a carrot cake, and you put apart the components to recreate a new eating experience.  With the carrot cake example, the raisins in the cake would become a purée, the carrot a sorbet, the cake a fluffy microwave cake, the rum a caramel sauce, the brown sugar would be crystallized for a crunch.  The spices would be an aroma.

Why don’t we call it a reconstruction? You are not simply tearing down, you are recreating.  A reconstruction has endless possibilities. In order to create you first must destroy.  This we know.  But after that epic destruction of mayhem and feelings of regret, overwhelmed by everything that must still happen, you must rebuild.  This is twilight hour, let’s reinvent, don’t stop early now.


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